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Monday, December 11, 2017

Loving Me a Shabby Christmas. . .

Hello my friends, today is the first day of our Creating Christmas link party.
Who doesn't love a 'Shabby Christmas'?  Even if you don't do shabby, I think you'll agree that it is ever so fun to look at.
No one does shabby quite as wonderful as Debby from
Debby Goes Shabby
Hop on over and link your shabby Christmas on her blog.
Most of my shabby d├ęcor is in my living room, so that's what I will be sharing with you today.
I bought this bottle brush wreath at Glitterfest, an art festival in California I attended last year.
I had the little white and aqua mercury glass tree for 5 or so years, a couple of years ago I found the large one to match at our local thrift.  I've placed the small one inside the wreath and sat them on top of an antique wooden wheel I bought in Napa, CA last June.
One of my favorite things in my living room is this chippy table.  I think that chippy just adds to the beauty and carries it over to shabby.
I bought this Santos doll bust in St. George, UT last spring.  My friends all that she was hideous, but I love her.  :)  Like they say, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

I added the golden tree tag around her neck for Christmas.  Vintage books are my favorite things to use for elevation.  I never pass up an aqua colored book.  (wink)  The bead garland is very old.  Love just letting it lie around.

This pink cabinet sets on the center of the table.  It's hard to photograph because of the glass.  This year it houses my angel collection.  Notice, more books?

The middle shelf of the cupboard.  I love the little bird planter!
I bought this green shabby door at a vintage sale for $40 quite a few years ago.  I still love it!  The aqua bells are a very old garland as well.  I can never pass up an old garland.  Often I have more than I know what to do with, but I can't get rid of them. 

 My friend, Joanne had such an amazing collection of vintage mirrors.  After seeing hers I picked up these three.  I bought the old corbel in South Carolina and the trio of trees were picked up at a damaged goods store this year.

 I absolutely love the colors of these $1 bottle brush trees from Target!

It's obvious that I have a thing for doors.  :)  This one stands next to my mantle.  I bought it at R.C. Willey's 8 years ago.

This sweet champagne colored tree is new this year.  I walked into Hobby Lobby one day after Christmas last year.  It was on their display.  It was the only one they had left and had marked it down to $15.  It was originally $70.  I couldn't resist!

Notice the little elf on the shelf?  He doesn't really go there.  My granddaughter, Paityn and I are taking turns hiding him from each other.  I hid him there 5 days ago.  She just found him last night.
Do you remember this laundry cart that I turned around for in Napa?  It was perfect for my new tree!
Here it is all lit up at night.
I have lots of ornaments on this tree that I love.  Years ago I had a pink and green tree.  Most of them are from then.  My friend, Peggy gave me three of these pink Santas.  The sweet little pink macaroon was made and sent to me by none other than Debby Goes Shabby.  Love them!

Some shabby finds only cost $1.  Like this Santa I picked up last Friday.  I figured the postcard alone was worth that. 

A bit of shabby love added to the glass doorknob of the cupboard housing my red dishes.  Dried roses, a clock, and glittery bell.

When I think of shabby I think of bits of lace.  It's hard to see with some of my Christmas cards attached, but I covered a wire shade with laces and twill for this old floor lamp.

I love the tan color of Hydrangeas drying on my Limelight Tree naturally.  I get buckets full every fall.

I am looking forward to seeing your 'Shabby Christmas'!
Remember to link up your 'Handmade Christmas' over at Carol's
Art and Sand  Tomorrow, Tues. Dec. 12th.
All parties will remain open until Dec. 24h,, so continue to link up until then.
Merry Christmas!




Saturday, December 9, 2017

Creating a shelf from an old drawer.

Hello my friends,
before I begin let me just say "thank you" for the outpouring of love and support from so many of you after the loss of our grand baby Warren.
Your comments and shared stories lifted my Heavy Heart more than you will ever know!!
Our hearts may be heavy, but life goes on and we have to look for the little things that bring us joy in life.
Little things do just exactly that for me!
After the last yard sale I helped host there was a small table that didn't sell.  It had a broken leg so I decide to donate it to charity.  But before I did, I removed the drawer.
I had a bare spot on the wall below my rusty pulley that I felt just needed a little something.  :)
Hubby added a shelf to the top of the drawer.  More space for displaying.  (wink)  I am always picking up old hinges and added this small one to the side.

My sister in law vacationed in France right about the time that I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She returned home with a box full of trinkets for me.  Each one gave me such delight.  She also brought me some papers from France when she came home to visit last.  I Modge Podged some of them onto the back of the drawer.
I am having so much fun playing with this silly drawer!  I added a few Christmas treasures.
A pink Gurley Santa candle.  An unusual color, don't you think?  I love him!  Buttons, a folding ruler, and a crumb duster.

Little trinkets catch my eye and I am continually picking them up.  Just can't get enough.  lol!
I found this metal do-hickey (my mom use to say that) in my bag of junk and hubby added it to the side.  I tied a key with jute.

I have no idea what this is, but I simply adore the color!  I found it in the estate sale dig.  It collapses and looks like it should hold a light bulb, but there is nowhere to screw one in.

I thought it was the perfect place for a bird to build it's nest.  I can't get enough of these vintage bird ornaments!  I just bought three red ones on Vintage Yard Sale Utah.  Three for $12.  I was thrilled!  Haven't picked them up yet.
I'm sure many of you know my love for vintage deer.  Isn't he a beauty?  And one can never have a deer without a forest.  Even if it's a mini one.  My friend, Joyce gave me the date stamp one year for Christmas.

I'm looking forward to having fun with this drawer shelf throughout the seasons and holidays.
Perfect spot for displaying some of my trinkets and treasrues!

Just a reminder that the 'Creating Christmas' link party will start Monday.

Also, the Cozy Christmas Holiday blog tour hosted by Katie is still going on this week.  Lots of inspiration!  I share the links
on my post.


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Heavy Heart!

Hello my friends,
today I come to you with a heavy heart. 
Our middle daughter, Karrah was 6 months pregnant and having difficulties.  She developed preeclampsia with her previous 2 children; so we knew that it was a given with this unplanned pregnancy.
Our entire family prayed and hoped for the best.  However, she had to be hospitalized for the second time because of high blood pressure.  Monday night they made a decision that the baby needed to be delivered.
He was not getting proper blood flow and had stopped growing.  Her team of  Dr's. thought it was the safest route to go for both her and the baby.
Little Warren weighed in at just under 15 ounces and was 9 1/2 inches long.  We had all prepared ourselves for him to possibly not pull through, but the little guy was a fighter and breathing on his own.  He was a miracle baby!
We were elated, to say the least.  However, today he had just wore his tiny body out and returned home to be with Heavenly Father.
Although we are very sad, we know that his journey here was enough for us to fall in love with him!  Thank goodness for our belief that we will see him again and all be reunited.  We will  wrap him in loving arms!
Till then he will be wrapped in the arms of a loving Heavenly Father.
It has been one hectic week, so there will not be a Share Your Cup today.  Also next week will be our "Creating Christmas" link party.
I hope you are getting your posts ready.    Debby Goes Shabby   will start it off with "Shabby Christmas"  I will do a shabby post on my blog and have a link for you to hop over and link at hers.
Share Your Cup will return on the 20th.
Wishing you all the merriest Christmas season and many thanks for the love and support you have given me throughout the years!
It means the world to me!!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Cozy Christmas

Hello and welcome to day 2 of the Cozy at Christmas
Holiday Blog Tour.
A big thank you to Katie Let's Add Sprinkles for putting this together for us!
I'm so happy that you've taken time out of your busy day to hop over for a visit!
I love the Christmas season and am so excited to share our holiday home with you!
This year I've gone with a lot of Naked Greenery out on the front porch that helped bring about my dream of having a Tree Farm of my own.
I also included a cocoa bar for some sippin and dippin
of candy canes.

Although were going naked out on the porch, step inside and you'll see that it is far from that.
Yes, I'll be the first to admit that I am not a minimalist.  My mothers motto was, "the more the merrier"; and I'm afraid I adopted the same attitude.  :)
I use many of the same things every year, but move them around for a totally different look.  I am crazy in love with plaid and this year it landed in my entry.
I've corralled together my collection of picnic tins and thermoses.  Our family has a love for the outdoors.  Hoping we find some time to snowshoe this year.
Years ago I taught Tole painting.  I have to keep a couple of things that I painted.  This Night Before Christmas book is one of them.
My style is very eclectic and I don't stick with one theme throughout my home.
I found this metal deer at a damaged goods store.  I dressed him up for my living room mantle with a vintage beaded garland and baubles around his neck.
I love creating and made this little scene in an old drawer I picked up at a thrift shop for $.50 cents.  The deer is an old perfume bottle.

My favorite new creation is this ornament tree.  We made them in craft group and it was so fun!

A few of my thermoses found their way into a tray with one of my blow mold Santas and a thrift find candle.

My Maleig elf has found the perfect spot to sit and enjoy his Christmas book!
Hubby made this peg board for me so I would have somewhere to display my cute chairs that I scored in Colorado. 
Remember the year that lime green and red were really popular?  Well, I have one tote full.  I decided to use it in our
 bedroom this year.


Now let's step into the family room.
A few presents have been wrapped and placed under the tree.  I used a hand crochet spread for the tree skirt.
I will be sharing more of my mantle in a later post.
Christmas is definitely a Holly Jolly time of year.  I am loving the chalk art my friends daughter did for me!
I made the ornament wreath a couple years ago.

This year in the kitchen I am going for a 50's theme.
I'll be sharing more of it next week for our 'Creating Christmas' link party.  My theme is 'a dish addicts Christmas'.  I confess, I definitely am one!
I love using my jadite dishes at Christmas!  This shade of green is delightful with red.
Vintage Christmas is my favorite and I have created vignettes throughout our home using some of my favorite finds.
A collection of tree toppers light up and twinkle at night.
I adore my collection of pinecone elves.  They have the
 sweetest faces!
A Christmas scene I created on a large tart tin.

I hope you enjoyed visiting our home!
It has felt like spring lately here in UT.  Yesterday morning we woke up to snow and it really helped to bring about the Christmas spirit!
I'm wishing you all the merriest of Christmases! 
Please visit the other participants.  They have so much wonderful inspiration to share with us all!

Cozy At Christmas